Week commencing 6th January 2020

Nordic Walks week commencing
6th January, 2020

How strange to be typing 2020!  Another decade beginning and hoping it is filled with great walks and adventures for you all.  It is January that many of us make resolutions to make changes in our lives.  For me there’s nothing more important than health and well being.  I know you’ll all agree that doing things that encourage and promote optimum health, both mental and physical, has to be a good thing.  So whatever is on your list of things to work on, make this a priority.  Your health is your wealth!

So excited to trial a new class starting on Wednesday 29th January (which is incidentally Tom Selleck’s birthday!) and we’ll be trialling this class for a month to see if there is enough interest.  The Wednesday Wombles will start at 12pm each week and be in different locations, varying distances and offering pub lunches/cafe stops. The walks will be graded each week according to difficulty as per your regular weekly walks.  If there is enough interest; the Wednesday Wombles will become a regular class on our timetable. Yipeee!  

As the Forest Centre now charges £2 for parking, I will offset this cost by charging just £3 for the class this Thursday. 

The last pics of 2019

Time to think about what you want to achieve in 2020.  No matter what your fitness goals are, we are here to help and support you. See you all out there on the trails!