Week commencing 13th January 2020

Nordic Walks week commencing
13th January, 2020

Great to be back after having a nasty cough for the past couple of weeks.  There’s nothing like getting back out there on the trails; getting some exercise and fresh air is better than any medicine.   Thanks for all the well wishes during this time.   I must also thank you all for the lovely Christmas present of the gift card you all contributed to.   It means a great deal and I will enjoy buying some new walking gear!  

This week the Thursday class is starting at 10:30am.  This enables us to have a cuppa afterwards at the pub when they open at 11:30am  Yay!  As with most paths this time of year, there will be some muddy bits, so make sure you wear the appropriate footwear.  Thanks.

This Saturday at 11:15am see’s the new Beginners course starting in the West Car Park in Ampthill.  To book, please text or email me. 
Many thanks,

The sky was magnificent on Saturday.  Above we have the Mod 2’s meeting the Mod 3’s on the ridge and below, the Mod 3’s at Coopers Hill.   The Mod 1’s did a 3.3 mile fast walk with Paul!  Great pace everyone. 

See you all out there on the trails!