Week commencing 20th January 2020

Nordic Walks week commencing
20th January, 2020

Oh yes, there are a few puddles out there!   You hardy bunch of Nordic Walkers marched over 4 miles on Thursday through the mud and the wet for a well deserved cuppa at the end.  Just a reminder with all the rain and this time of year in general, wearing the correct footwear is important.   Boots are ideal so the puddles don’t breach the tops and this prevents soggy feet!  Gaters are great to protect your trousers and tops of your boots/shoes also and if you’re interested in some Spats, which you can see above in red and blue, here is a website to take a look. http://www.spatsleisuregear.com/

As you know we have Beginners Technique course going on at the moment and such a lovely bunch of folks they are too!  However, one Newbie who just finished his Technique course is Paul M.  Welcome Paul, we look forward to seeing you out there on the trails! 

We are so fortunate to have Walk Leaders.  Without them, it would be difficult to cover all the different speed groups and offer so many walks. In the early days it was just me and I did a lot of whistling back for the faster walkers which worked well when I had no other options to keep the group together.  But now…..we have speed groups which has made it great for both the walkers and the Walk Leaders.  This concerns the Moderate classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

If you are struggling and falling way behind, think about dropping down a group to build your speed up before trying the faster group.  This is very important as trying to push yourself too much could eventually lead to injury and also, it’s just not as enjoyable to struggle so much.   Alternatively, if you feel the pace is too easy and you’re not finding it very challenging, move up a group (sorry Howard, there’s no where faster for you to go unless I start running for the whole session!)

But most importantly being in the correct group really helps the Walk Leaders who try to keep the group together.  If the group stretches out too much it is difficult for the Walk Leader to manage as they will lose sight of the faster walkers if they’re having to drop back.   As safety is our priority for all our walkers, you can see how important keeping everyone in sight is for our Walk Leaders.  

So if I approach you in the coming days requesting you to change group, please don’t see this as a negative change if you move back a group.  This will be for your safety and enjoyment as well as your fellow walkers and in turn will help my Walk Leaders who, as you’ll all agree, do a fantastic job and give their time so generously.   

Thanks everyone.

Rutland Water Spring Half Marathon Walk – 13.1 miles
4th April – 9am – Barnsdale North Shore, Rutland Water
Registration £20 – Fee includes: Free Parking, Finisher medal, refreshments, personalised event bib, Full medical support. 
This isn’t a chip timed event, but a great challenge nonetheless!

Next week I will be letting you know of our longer distance challenges coming up in the next few months.  Finding paths that aren’t too muddy is a challenge in itself at the moment! 

Again, I love the sky this time of year and Thursday was a beaut.   Below you can see that we had a bit of a paddle,  

See you all out there on the trails!