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Walk2fitness Instructor Elaine

I have spent quite a bit of time travelling around the world and being in the Rocky Mountains was a definite highlight.  I loved the hiking and the cross country skiing and of course, being outdoors and enjoying nature is by far my favourite thing to do.  It’s my therapy!  My beloved dog Griffey could be with me too; even with little boots on her feet in the snow while I skied alongside.  Since she has now passed away, the memories of those hikes and skiing trips are all the more special. 
So what about Nordic Walking?
I took up Nordic Walking when I was sent on a course to become an Instructor in 2009 when I was a Fitness Manager at a gym in Milton Keynes. Needless to say I found it combined my two favourite sports, hiking & cross country skiing!  I realised very quickly that my clients were getting so much more out of Nordic Walking than doing other activities in the gym environment.
Because of this, I decided that I would give it my full attention and try to get as many people enjoying the benefits of this wonderful exercise by doing classes throughout Bedfordshire and beyond.
Not only have I seen tremendous successes with my clients, but I’ve made some great new friends and not looked back since!
Here’s to many more great walks, good health and laughs along the way!  See you all out there on the trails…

Walk Leader for walk2fitness Gordon
Walk Leader
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