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Our walks cater to all fitness levels and abilities. Running 6 days a week there is something for everyone. Our Fitness Walks are on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. On these walks we look to improve our fitness levels and push ourselves to achieve our goals. Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s walks are in different locations each week. Wednesday and Friday walks are longer distance and more of a challenge. One thing in common on all our walks is the cuppa afterwards! Most walks have a place we can chat and have refreshments afterwards. On Wednesday’s walks (Womble as we call it) we sometimes have lunch or picnic.

We have Super Gentle walks for those who need to start slow and take more care; then Gentle, Moderate 1, Combo, Mod 2 & Mod 3 and the fastest walkers are the Striders. So there really is a class for all levels. For more information email elaine@walk2fitness.co.uk. Thanks!

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