Week Commencing 6th August 2017

Nordic Walking week commencing 7th August, 2017

Hi Nordic Walkers,

We just completed the Dovedale Dipper today in Derbyshire! A fantastic achievement for all who took part and a fun, extremely tough challenge of over 15 miles. Great job Enza, Denise, Jean, Tony, Rachel and Chris for finishing and with smiles on!

I’d like to welcome our new Nordic Walking graduates! They are: Donna, Oliver, Tony, Beverley, Karen, Kay, Christine, Linda, Vikki, Caroline, Debra, John, Jan and Jane. We look forward to seeing you all on our walks!

Our walks are all graded so you can chose the one that suit’s you. If you are in any doubt which class to attend, just let me know. All walks that are marked in BOLD are booking classes so if you wish to attend just drop me a text on 07894791527. Failure to do so may mean that class is cancelled as we require a minimum of three participants all walks.

If you are looking to get your own Nordic Walking poles you can check out https://nordicwalking.co.uk/products/2/ Sometimes if you google the specific poles you’re wanting you can find them elsewhere a little cheaper. Again, if you need advice, you can drop me an email. Thanks.


POP UP FRIDAY – 9 miles

This week we have our Pop Up Friday walk which is taking us from Cranfield to The Forest Centre and circling back via a new route found by Rachel. The views are amazing on this walk and it’s mostly flat with a few gentle inclines! It’s approx. 9 miles but if you’d like to do this just one way, just let me know. Booking for this walk before Wednesday this week please. £7. Thanks.

FOUR PUBS & THE HUB – Sunday, 20th August

(approx. 14miles) 5 Stages All Grades encouraged to do part or all of this one for Bedford Hospice Day Centre.
We have altered our Charity walk and we will miss out The Prince of Wales as the Hub is so close and that’s where the finish line is! It will be the same distance. There will be cake treats for all at the end! Please Register for this walk by the 18th August. £8 for up to two stages, £12 for three or more. Thank you.

All evening classes – £5
Moderate & Gentle Plus – £5 or £4 if you have your own Poles
Striders & Gentle – £5
Super G – £10
Long Distance and Pop Up walks costs dependent on Distance.
Private Sessions: £12.50 – £15


1 = Striders (for the faster Nordic Walker, optional Hill running)
2 = Moderate (yet challenging)
3 = Gentle Plus (smidge slower than Moderate yet invigorating)
4 = Gentle (marginally slower than G+ class but energizing)
5 = HIT Nordic (High Intensity Training, Tough and exhilarating!)
6 = Super G (Very slow so extra care can be taken)



Monday 10am – Cranfield village Hall, Court Road, Cranfield (2&3)
Tuesday 8:45am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1)*
Tuesday 9am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (4)*
Tuesday 10am – Ampthill Park, West car park (2) & (3)
Tuesday 11:45am – Super G – Hub Car Park (5)*
Wednesday 10am – Rowney Warren, Sandy Lane, near Shefford SG17 5QG (2) & (3) – £5*
Wednesday 6pm – Ampthill Park West Car Park (2)*
Thursday 10am – Kempston Mill, Mill Lane, Kempston MK42 7BD(2 & 3)
Thursday 6pm – HIT back next week
POP UP FRIDAY – 10am – Cranfield to The Forest Centre circular meeting at Court Road, by the church in Cranfield (2 & 3)* £7
Saturday 9am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (4)*
Saturday 9:15am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1)*
Saturday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (2) & (3)

A huge thank you to George who helped clear the path around the rugby pitches last week. What a challenge it was! Thanks George.

Have a Fab week!

Many thanks,
Pictures this week of our Chatsworth walk this weekend and the Cranfield bunch!