Week commencing 19 August 2019

Nordic Walks commencing 19th August, 2019

How amazing is nature?!  I hadn’t been to Coopers Hill in one week and on my return the Heather has blossomed to a magnificent magenta hue and a sweet scent surrounds the whole beautiful expanse.  It’s not to be missed if you are out walking and we only have a good two more weeks before it sadly diminishes.  We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful area….

I took a few pictures from my few days Risk Assessing the Lake District with Rachel for our upcoming trip in September.  For those coming, you will get a separate email about the itinerary.  Very excited for you to see for yourselves the beauty of the Lakes….To prepare you for the challenge you will encounter in the Lakes, I am offering some Hill walks during the next three weeks.  See the Weekly walk list for details.  These walks are also open to walkers not going to the Lakes. 

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Many thanks,