Week commencing 26 August 2019

Nordic Walks commencing 26th August, 2019

We had a great week of walks with some great views in our beautiful countryside.  Some great effort being put in at Barton Springs this week with the POP UP Hill class so well done all of you.  This weeks photo’s have some images I took on the risk assessment for the upcoming Charity walk this coming Sunday, including Bunyan’s Oak which I hadn’t been to since I was 6.  So many memories flooded back to me as this walk took us through all the fun places I played as a child.  I’m pleased to say it was mostly unchanged (apart from the cave I dug out in the Chalk pits in Sundon Hills which now seems to be completely hidden with Brambles!  I must get up there with my secateurs so I can once again sit in the cave and eat my jam sandwiches!) 

Our Charity Walk this Sunday will begin at 11am in the Sharpenhoe Clappers car park on Sharpenhoe Road, Streatley.  The distances have changed a smidge so there is a 3 mile walk from the Clappers to Harlington and then from there it’s approximately 4 miles to Pulloxhill.  From Pulloxhill it is 5 miles to the finish.  If you wish to do part of this challenge, let me know if you need a ride from either Harlington Village hall car park or Pulloxhill Cross Keys Pub.  You will then be taken to the start to begin the walk.  As mentioned earlier it is a great walk with wonderful scenery throughout.  YOU WILL NEED TO WEAR LONG TROUSERS FOR THIS WALK.   If you haven’t yet registered, just let me know by Friday 8pm.  £12 or £10 registration collected on the day.  Many thanks. BRING WATER AND SNACKS.  We will be stopping at both pubs for 30 mins for refreshing drinks.  Soooo looking forward to it and seeing you all then.  Yipeee! 

Denise and Gordon are doing a Bank Holiday Walk tomorrow at 10:30am in Cranfield.   Enjoy this amazing weather with a lovely stretch of the legs with stunning views.  

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Many thanks,