Week commencing 12 August 2019

Nordic Walks commencing 12th August, 2019

What a blustery weekend!  Fab walks though and great paces in all the groups.  Love to see you stepping it up and giving it your all in the classes. I love the saying: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”  This is what you are doing when you come to classes and work hard.  So you should be very proud of yourselves….

Some of our classes require BOOKING and are highlighted in YELLOW on the Weekly Walk list.  This is crucial as I have a minimum number of 3 walkers needed for walks to go ahead, so failure to BOOK ON can mean the class is cancelled if I don’t have enough. It also means if you have not booked on and show up you could have a wasted journey.  If you could BOOK ON by 8pm the night before the class you wish to attend, that would be great and things will run smoothly.  IT’S JUST THE WALKS HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW THAT NEED BOOKING!   Do this by emailing me, texting 07894791527 or using the contact form on the website.  Many thanks everyone.    
HIIT class is not on this week as I’ll be returning from Risk Assessing the Lake District walks.  Only a month away for our great walking trip!  On my return I will arrange a meeting with you all to discuss the itinerary, food, car sharing etc so we are all organised before we go. Woohoo! 

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Many thanks,