Week Beginning 17th July 2016


Sorry late for this week’s email.  Got home late from The River Festival where I work every 2 years and now find that my msn emails have changed format and everything is very slow so will keep this week’s email short and will see about it tomorrow when more with it!  Hopefully you’ll all get this.  Big thank you to the Mod Plus group who went out leaderless this past Saturday and had a great walk!  Well done folks.

Hydration – Please bring drinks with you this week as it is meant to be warmer.  I don’t mind carrying your bottles if needed.  V.Imp.

Grading Key:
1 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker, with optional Hill running)
2 = Moderate (yet challenging)
3 = Gentle Plus (smidge slower than Moderate yet invigorating)
4 = Gentle (marginally slower than G+ class but energizing)
5 = HIT Nordic (Nothing but Hills. Tough and exhilarating!)
* = Booking essential for all walks marked in Bold (minimum of 3 for class to go ahead)
COSTS: Evening classes, Moderate Plus, HIT & Gentle classes are £5 per session
              Moderate (day) and Gentle Plus classes are £5 if you borrow poles, £4 if you have your own.
              Long Walk’s and Pop Up Friday costs vary dependent on duration/distance
Monday 10am – Cranfield , Court Road, meeting by the church (2) & (3)
Monday 6:30pm – Warden Hills, Turnpike Drive, Barton Hills, Luton (2) *
Tuesday 8:30am – Ampthill Park, WEst Car Park (1)*
Tuesday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (2) & (3)
Wednesday 6pm – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1) & (2)
Thursday 10am – Woburn, Public Car Park (2) & (3)
Thursday 6pm –  HIT Nordic, Ampthill Park, West Car Park (5)  
Saturday 9am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (4)  – No Moderate Plus Walk this morning.
Saturday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (2) & (3)
Thanks to all of you who came to Monte’s and made it such an enjoyable evening!  Yipee!
Have a great week!