Week Beginning 24th July 2016

Hi Walkers,

Hope you’ve all had a great week!  I’ve been impressed with the attendance greatly especially during the warmer days and really appreciate the effort you’ve made to come along.  It’s also great to hear about the fitness and health successes some of you are getting through Nordic Walking, especially both stamina and weight loss.  Long may it continue!

FAST TRACK BEGINNERS COURSE – Beginning this Thursday evening at6:30pm in the West Car Park.  Please tell all your friends and family to book on as soon as possible.  There won’t be another beginners course until September so it would be great to get them started now!  Yay!

BEDFORD PARK GUIDED HISTORICAL TOUR – This walk is happening at10am on Thursday at Bedford Park.  We will Nordic Walk from 10am -10:30amthen will meet our lovely Guide Martyn Pearson.  He will take us around the park and adjoining cemetery and discuss the amazing history of this glorious park and surroundings. Non Nordic Walking friends and family welcome. This tour will last 45 mins to an hour where we will then end at the café in the park for refreshments.  Please note that while on the tour we will be walking slow and stopping occasionally so heart rates won’t be getting up during this time…..not unless the Bedford Blues Rugby chaps are training there again!

Moderate Plus Saturday – this will unfortunately be another Leaderless walk (I’m back all of Aug though, Yay!) Please let me know if you’re interested in walking and I’ll let you know who’s going.  Thanks Guys.

All evening classes – £5
Moderate & Gentle Plus – £5 or £4 if you have your own Poles
Moderate Plus & Gentle – £5
Long Distance and Pop Up walks costs dependent on Distance.
Private Sessions: £12.50

Speed Grading Key:
1 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker, optional Hill running)
2 = Moderate (yet challenging)
3 = Gentle Plus (smidge slower than Moderate yet invigorating)
4 = Gentle (marginally slower than G+ class but energizing)
5 = HIT Nordic (Nothing but Hills. Tough and exhilarating!)

Monday 10am – Cranfield, Court Road, by the church (2) & (3)
Monday 6:30pm – Warden Hills, Turnpike Drive, Luton (2)*
Tuesday 8:30am – Centreparcs Perimeter walk, meet in layby by Millbrook Roundabout. (1)*
Tuesday 10am – Ampthill Park, West car park, (2) & (3)
Wednesday 6pm – Ampthill Park, West car park, (1) & (2)*
Thursday 10am – SPECIAL WALK, Bedford Park, Foster Hill Road, Bedford, All Grades for Historical walk
Thursday 6pm – Ampthill Park, West car park, HIT (5)*
Thursday 6:30pm – BEGINNERS COURSE, Ampthill West car park.
Saturday 9am – Ampthill Park, West car park (1) & (4)* No Mod Plus Instructor this week.

Saturday 10am – Ampthill Park, West car park (2) & (3)

For those of you who haven’t Nordic Walked in a while, why not contact me for a quick refresher and then you can feel happy knowing you’re up to scratch for any of the classes I offer each week.  I’ll be offering Refresher Sessions for FREE! Yipee!

Really looking forward to having some great walks this week!  Remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!  See you all out on the trails!