Week commencing 1 April 2019

Nordic Walks commencing 1st April, 2019

A lovely week of walks with some great weather for us.  The Striders upped their game and worked really hard with both speed and hill work.  All my other groups were faster too, especially on Thursday for our 4.5 miler in Silsoe.  Great job everyone.   
This week the weather is becoming colder again but hoping the rain won’t return.  Just in case pack a light rain coat and be prepared!  Of course we have our Charity walk on Sunday and I’ve arranged nice dry conditions for us.  Yipee!  

BARTON LE CLAY, OLD ROAD MK45 4LF (meet at the park)

You’d be hard pressed to find a walk with so many great views than this one…..well in Bedfordshire anyway!   There are some challenging hills but without them we don’t get the views, so they are worth it!  Our longer walks aren’t races so you can take your time. All the proceeds are going to Ability Bow; the small East London Gym doing such amazing work for those with disabilities and limiting conditions.  The cost is £10 on the day.  Bring a sandwich as we will stop to picnic half way.  This should take 3.5 to 4 hours. Please book on for this walk by Friday.  Thanks guys. The picture below will be on this walk! 

This Thursday Catherine will be leading you around the lake at The Forest Centre so behave yourselves!  As there is no official Walk Leader for this walk it is FREE, however, the Forest Centre now requires payment for parking.  Some of you can carpool if you wish by meeting at the entrance as there are a couple of lay by’s but it’s up to you.  Myself and the Walk Leaders are risk assessing the Peak District walks this week, hence our absence for this walk. Have a fab time though and have a cuppa for me!  

We will be introducing a new format to our Moderate classes on Saturdays and Tuesdays.   When we have four Walk Leaders, the Moderate classes will now be divided into THREE groups instead of two.  This is to keep the groups at more manageable sizes but also will enable you to progress and challenge yourself so you can move on up through the groups as your fitness improves.  This also means we won’t be meeting up half way around anymore so the class will flow better.   MODERATE ONE – Our fast class with some tough hills, is a good pace and challenging.  MODERATE TWO – This class will be a little slower than MOD 1 but still has some hills to keep it interesting.   MODERATE THREE – Will be a bit faster than the Gentle Plus, with easier hills.  Our Gentle Plus will stay as it is but will be flatter with the occasional friendly incline so you don’t talk too much!   I can assist all walkers to find the right group to go into.  Please feel free to ask if you are unsure. 
Thanks Walkers. 

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Many thanks,