Week Beginning 4th July 2016

Howdy Walkers,
Great fun last week on the walks but also some serious effort being put in so well done!  Love to see some old faces coming back and getting back into Nordic.  I forgot to mention last week about an awesome success by one of our walkers, Paula (pictured above with Virginia), in the 10K Grasmere Gallop in the Lake District and did she did fantastically well.  Out of a huge field of over a hundred she was the 2nd fastest woman and came 7th overall in 27 degree heat.  This course is tough will serious hills and she smashed it, so a massive WELL DONE to Paula!  Yay!

Speaking of Nordic Walking Challenges, there is another one coming up on the 4th September in Swindon.  Distances are 5K, 10K and 20K. You can enter by going on the British Nordic Walking website: http://britishnordicwalking.org.uk/pages/events If you are interested and want to car pool, just let me know.  If you register, please register at team name: Elaine Kearns Nordic Walking.  Fanx.

Another success by one of our super walkers and Walk Leader, Gordon who had two of his photographs picked for the Ampthill Great Park 2017 Calendar!   Great job Gordon!  If you are interested in getting your calendar, please let me know.  They are £5 per calendar and that goes towards the all terrain scooter for the park.  Great stuff!

THIS WEEK’S WALKS (Including Mon & Tues Next week)
Grading Key:
1 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker, with optional Hill running)
2 = Moderate (yet challenging)
3 = Gentle Plus (smidge slower than Moderate yet invigorating)
4 = Gentle (marginally slower than G+ class but energizing)
5 = HIT Nordic (Nothing but Hills. Tough and exhilarating!)
* = Booking essential for all walks marked in Bold (minimum of 3 for class to go ahead)
COSTS: Evening classes, Moderate Plus, HIT & Gentle classes are £5 per session
              Moderate (day) and Gentle Plus classes are £5 if you borrow poles, £4 if you have your own.
              Long Walk’s and Pop Up Friday costs vary dependent on duration/distance
Monday 10am – Cranfield, Court Road by the church (2) & (3)
Monday 6:30pm – Barton Springs, Old Road, Barton Le Clay  (2)*          
Tuesday 8:30am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1)* 
Tuesday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car park  (2) & (3)
Wednesday 6pm – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1) & (2)
Thursday 10am – The Bedford Golf Club, Carnoustie Drive, Great Denham (2) & (3)
Thursday 6pm –  HIT Nordic, Ampthill Park, West Car Park (5)  
Saturday 9am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (4)  No Moderate Plus Walk this morning.
Saturday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (2) & (3)
Monday 10am – Cranfield, Court Road by the church (2) & (3)
Tuesday 8:30am – Ampthill Park, West Car Park (1)*
Tuesday 10am – Ampthill Park, West Car park  (2) & (3)
I’m off Friday to Monday. I hope there will be no slacking in my absence!
Have a fab week and lets see some more great effort put in to the walks as well as the chatting!
Thanks for coming every week!