Beginner Technique Course    Refresher Workshops

Private Courses & Fast Track Courses

If you are unable to attend our group Beginners Technique Courses, Elaine will endeavour to work with you to schedule a time more suited to you.  There are four sessions in a Course.   If you are wanting to learn the Technique quicker than a four week period, our Fast Track course is for you.  We schedule two sessions per week so you can complete the course in a fortnight.   For Private and Fast Track courses the cost is £20 per session.

Group Beginner Technique Courses

Elaine runs Group Beginner Technique Courses throughout the year and the course consists of four sessions.  Each session is £15.   Poles are supplied for the duration of the course so you can practice in between our sessions.   I will also be able to advise you on poles when the course is concluded.  Please note that Nordic Walking Poles differ from Trekking Poles.

Refresher Session

If it has been a while since you last Nordic Walked; our Refresher Session will cover all the basics of the Technique and restore confidence in your Nordic Walking again.  This is a fun session to reintroduce you to the many benefits Nordic Walking offers.  Refresher Sessions are £15.